Apply to provide a safe home for a child from Ukraine

Use this service to apply for approval to sponsor a child fleeing Ukraine, who is not travelling with or joining their parent or legal guardian in the UK.

Unlike sponsoring an adult or a family, you will need to get parental consent and permission from your local council before you can apply for a visa.

Make sure you have read and understood the guidance for sponsoring a child fleeing Ukraine without their parent or legal guardian. Read the eligibility sections carefully, especially the requirement that you should know the child's parents, unless there are exceptional circumstances.

You (the sponsor) will need to get permission from your local council to host the child, before they can submit their visa application to come to the UK.

You can apply for this approval online. Your local council will then perform a series of security checks, which include contacting you and the child's parents or guardian.

You will need to upload both parental consent forms described in step 1.

Apply to provide a safe home for a child from Ukraine

Children from Ukraine can apply for a visa to come to the UK without their parents or legal guardian.

You must have received your ‘child sponsorship approval number’ before you can complete your sponsor’s section of their visa application.

Read the guidance for children applying for a visa without a parent or legal guardian