Homes for Ukraine:
Register to host people already living in the UK (rematching)

Thanks to the generosity of the British people, over 100,000 people from Ukraine have arrived in the UK and are living safely in their hosts’ homes.

Many of these guests now need to find a new host while they prepare to live independently, because their original hosts are reaching the end of their commitment.

Hosts will receive a monthly thank-you payment for providing a home for guests. They will receive £350 a month during the guests’ first 12 months in the UK and £500 a month during their second 12 months.

Guests already living in the UK usually need far less support from their hosts than someone who has just landed in the UK.

Many guests have already found work and are settling into their local area, making them more self-sufficient.

Check if being a host is right for you

Hosting people from another country is a big commitment, so we’ve prepared some questions to help you decide if it’s right for you.

You'll be able to register after you've answered these questions.

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If you want to sponsor a child without their parent or legal guardian

Sponsoring a child who is not travelling with, or joining their parent or legal guardian in the UK requires a different visa application process to sponsoring an adult or family.

You must get written consent from their parent or legal guardian (for legal guardians you will also need a copy of the court order that confirms their guardianship) and get permission from your local council before you can sponsor the child.

Apply to provide a safe home for a child from Ukraine

Is the accommodation in Scotland or Wales?

If the accommodation you`re offering is in Scotland or Wales, you need to complete the registration form for that country.

Register your interest in Scotland

Register your interest in Wales

If you need more information

You can also read the guidance for sponsors (opens in a new tab), which contains all the government's information for sponsors and hosts.